Video surveillance

Digital video surveillance systems have different roles in security. Their primary purpose is to repel potential perpetrators of criminal acts, forcing them to abandon their intentions at the first attempt, due to the awareness that they are under constant surveillance.

Another important function is motion detection within the protected area to identify unusual activities, such as unauthorized presence outside of working hours or similar situations. To perform these tasks, standard equipment is sufficient. However, if celebrity recognition or perpetrator identification is expected, high-performance equipment, such as high-resolution cameras for recording in all lighting conditions, is necessary.

Each of these functions requires the use of specific system components, whose technical characteristics enable their execution. A classic video surveillance system usually consists of cameras, lenses, monitors, devices for digital recording, processing, storage and transmission of video signals, as well as additional equipment and installations.

Setting up a complete video surveillance system is often not at all easy for most users. Although information is readily available today, just looking at the network of cables that need to be run inside and outside your home can be a challenge. However, if you are determined to do this process yourself, we are here to support you and help you complete the installation successfully.

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