PVC carpentry

PVC carpentry

Our ready-made PVC carpentry is made from high-quality German Aluplast profiles that stand out for their durability, high quality and safety, excellent thermal and sound insulation, aesthetic finish, economy and minimal maintenance costs. PVC profiles are additionally reinforced with galvanized steel profiles.

In the production of PVC profiles for carpentry, selected additives are added to improve the profile’s resistance to atmospheric conditions and moisture, and to ensure the static stability of the profile under the influence of various weather conditions. In order to further strengthen the static stability of the profile, a steel reinforcement is inserted inside one of the chambers.

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Whether you are looking for windows for renovation or new construction, our diverse range is tailored to suit different needs and styles, making us a reliable choice for your home or business. Discover why IDEAL windows are preferred around the world and join satisfied users who enjoy the quality and reliability of our products.

For windows, balcony doors and terrace doors...

The popular IDEAL system is not limited to windows; it is also used for balcony and terrace doors that are equipped with all the advantages of this extraordinary range of products.

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Types of glass

  • Float glass is most often used in construction and for obtaining all glass products. It is available in thicknesses of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 19 and 25 mm. It is also possible to make it in different colors.
  • Lamistal glass is a safety glass that remains in one unit when broken
  • Low-e (low emissivity glass) thermo-insulating glass that reduces heat loss by 60% compared to classic insulating glass. A thin layer of metal oxides is deposited on the surface of the glass. It acts as a reflector and maintains the temperature in the room. The layer faces the inside of the glass, so it is impossible to damage it. The possibility of water condensation between the glasses is reduced.
  • Tempered glass is thermally treated glass with high mechanical resistance (up to five times higher than ordinary glass). When broken, it breaks into small pieces with blunt edges and thus protects against possible injuries.
  • Frosted glass is white in color where one side is chemically treated with acid. It partially lets the light through, but you can’t see through it.
  • Stopsol glass is glass in turquoise, green and brown colors.
  • Sandblasted glass is glass with protection from unwanted views, but it is also used for various inscriptions and shapes.

Window benches

Due to their special position and function, window benches are exposed to different requirements. Their upper surface must be resistant to light, scratching and scraping, moisture and should be hardly flammable.

It offers good insulating properties to numerous air chambers, and is more favorable compared to other materials for window sills.

In addition to white, they are also available in faithful imitations of marble and golden oak. The installation depth is 150 to 400 mm.

Advantages of internal PVC windowsills:

  • Stable shape
  • Resistant to mechanical damage
  • Light resistant
  • Insensitive to moisture and heat
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • High resistance to low temperatures
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