Inoutic blinds

Inoutic premium blinds can be completely integrated with the facade, seamlessly blending into the surroundings. A wide range of boxes, profiles and colors allows you to satisfy all your aesthetic preferences. We also guarantee top-quality drive mechanisms (belt, electric motor, hand wheels) that ensure easy and comfortable use.
Sub-façade blinds stand out for their excellent thermal insulation, providing additional protection against heat loss. In addition to serving as a physical barrier against unwanted visitors, these blinds are an effective light and temperature control measure – partial lowering provides ideal protection against excessive sunlight and overheating of rooms.

External Inoutic blinds are an elegant choice for any window. Available in a variety of sizes and a wide range of colors, these blinds fit perfectly into a variety of window systems, whether it’s a renovation or a new build. Their practicality comes in combination with superior protection.

Whether you choose automatic control using a pulley, crank or electric motor, Inoutic outdoor blinds offer simple operation that allows you to keep the heat indoors during cold days or prevent overheating during the hot summer months.

Their superior thermal insulation contributes to the energy efficiency of your building, resulting in lower heating costs. In addition to providing optimal thermal and sound insulation, external Inoutic blinds provide protection against break-ins, prying eyes and bad weather.

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