We are pleased to point out that our company AS Mont has built its reputation on the basis of expertise and successful cooperation with leading manufacturers such as Sicoma and Marcegaglia. Using high-quality materials that are carefully selected and imported from Italy, we proudly present top-quality products.

We also use BFT electrical equipment, which is recognized as a leader in the field of automation and management of door and gate systems.

Our offer includes Inoutic blinds, which are the result of striving for perfection and continuous improvement. We also highlight our main partners: Aluplast for carpentry and Siegenia for fittings. Aluplast is synonymous with innovation and quality in the production of high-quality doors and windows, while Siegenia provides high-quality fittings that ensure the safety and durability of our products.

Your choice motivates us to continue our dedication and expertise to ensure you receive only the best. Your satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction.