Mosquito nets

A warm recommendation for your home or work space: Pleated mosquito nets!

HARMO/PLEATED mosquito net

Pleated mosquito nets represent the latest system of independent mosquito nets, ideal for protecting against insects in passages on the balcony or terrace. These mosquito nets use pleated mesh that expands and contracts, much like an accordion, making them simple and convenient to use. The basic parts of the mosquito net are the aluminum housing and the guide with fiberglass mesh.

Advantages of pleated mosquito nets

Install PLEATED MOSQUITO NETTS and provide yourself with comfort, protection and an aesthetically pleasing space!

Resistance and durability

The pleated net is very durable and does not get damaged by daily use. It is important to point out that this is the only pleated net on the market whose edges do not break from the sun, do not decompose from moisture, and gusts of wind cannot do anything to it. It is characterized by a high level of light and air permeability, permanent resistance to UV rays and corrosion, as well as resistance to fire and fading from the sun.

System functionality

Pleated mosquito nets work like a door accordion – the net is pulled to one side. To open or close the pleated mosquito net, it is enough to pull the handle to the side. They are made to measure, guaranteeing maximum protection against mosquitoes, and the management is similar to indoor pleated curtains, but horizontally. The mosquito net is easy to pack and opens like an accordion.

Practicality and design

Opening and closing is possible from the outside and the inside, and the mosquito net can be installed on all types of doors without the need for a lot of space. The mosquito net frame is made of high-quality aluminum, which guarantees a long product life, corrosion resistance and stability. The mosquito net is easy to clean with water.

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