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Welcome to the world of top carpentry!

As-Mont stands out as a recognizable brand in the industry, focused on the production of high-quality PVC and aluminum products, such as joinery, blinds, garage doors and various aluminum and stainless steel fences.

Our advantage lies in the approach adapted to each individual project. Each product is made to measure and according to the specific requirements of our clients, which ensures unique and personalized products that perfectly match their needs and aesthetic preferences.

For the production of PVC and ALU carpentry, we use high-quality German ALUPLAST profiles, while the fittings of our window systems are from the well-known solutions of the company SIEGENIA. This combination guarantees the durability, functionality and aesthetically attractive appearance of our products. We continuously invest in our production equipment to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, using the best materials from reputable European suppliers. That vision has followed us from the very beginning. Realized projects and the satisfaction of our customers confirm that our passion, innovation and quality are key to our success.

We are proud of our reputation that extends beyond the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to satisfying customers throughout our country, we also export our products to the markets of five European countries, including Germany, Italy, Croatia, Austria and Slovenia. All our products have the necessary certificates and attestations, which testify to the quality and reliability of our offer.

Choose As-Mont as your partner for future investments in joinery and fences. With us, your home will become more comfortable, safer and an aesthetically perfectly arranged space that reflects your style and personality.

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